Investing in a running coach goes beyond just having a training plan; it's a strategic partnership that can profoundly impact your journey and overall success as a runner.

The Benefits of Having a Running Coach

Unlocking Your Potential

In essence, a running coach is your guide, mentor, and partner in unlocking your full running potential. Beyond the technicalities of a training plan, the holistic support and guidance provided contribute significantly to the development of a consistent, effective, and enjoyable running routine.

  1. Accountability

    A running coach serves as your personal cheerleader and taskmaster, helping you stay accountable to your goals. Regular check-ins and progress evaluations ensure that you remain focused, motivated, and consistently committed to your training regimen.

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  2. Establishing Running as a Habit

    Transforming running from an occasional activity to a consistent habit is a key challenge for many. A running coach provides the guidance and structure needed to seamlessly integrate running into your routine. With personalised plans and motivational support, you'll find yourself lacing up those running shoes with purpose and regularity.

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  3. Eliminating Guesswork

    The ambiguity of how much to run, how far to run, and at what pace can be overwhelming. A running coach removes this guesswork by meticulously designing a personalised training plan tailored to your fitness level, goals, and schedule. This precision ensures that each run has a purpose, maximising your efforts and minimising the risk of overtraining or undertraining.

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  4. Optimising Performance

    A running coach acts as your strategist, guiding you on the optimal balance between speed, distance, and rest. This expertise ensures that your training plan aligns with your goals, pushing you to challenge your limits while preventing burnout or injury.

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  5. Personalised

    Every runner is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always yield the best results. A running coach offers personalised advice, tailoring your plan to address your specific strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. This individualised attention is a game-changer in achieving sustained progress.

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  6. Mental and Emotional Support

    Running is as much a mental game as it is physical. A running coach provides the emotional support needed to navigate the highs and lows of training. Whether it's overcoming mental barriers or celebrating achievements, having a coach by your side enhances the overall experience.

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I started running about 3 years ago and was happy with 5km. 5km became 10km, which was a massive achievement for me, and then 10km became 21km. I could not do the 21km without any coaching. Estelle came to my rescue. She asked me when I wanted to run my first 21km and what my goal was. The date I had chosen was the 13 February and I said I just wanted to finish comfortably. My 12-week journey then started. Estelle sent me weekly training programs and checked up on me regularly. I felt confident on the day of my race but also nervous as 21km lay ahead of me. I finished not quite in the time I wanted, I wanted to finish under 3hrs and finished on 3hrs but I finished. Thanks to Estelle’s training, I had a comfortable run and could still walk the next day. Now to get to that next goal of under 3hrs for next 21km.
Ek het op n laat ouderdom in my lewe besluit om te begin hardloop. Na 5 Two Oceans 21km het ek steeds nie die regte tegniek gehad. Ek het Estelle ontmoet deur my run klub en kan haar met alle vrymoedigheid aanbeveel. Haar kennis en vaardigheid is 'n moet vir enige beginner, dit was altans vir my!

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