Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our priority. This page explains how the personal information we collect through this website ( will be treated.

Who are we?

We are Coach Estelle.

What information do we store?

We do not store any of your information on this website. Your inquiry is sent via email to our IMAP email inboxes. We also do not store any additional information like browser, IP address or time stamps. We do however, make use of third party services that may collect information about your visit. We currently make use of Google Analytics, Google Ads & Facebook Pixel.

Do we make use of cookies?

Not that we are aware of. We do not specifically require your browser to set a cookie, but we are not aware if any of the technologies we installed on our website which could be making use of cookies without our knowledge.

Do we share any information with other parties?

No, but we may use your details on our internal systems, accounting packages, or forward your email to colleagues.